BGA Online Leagues

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Congratulations to the 2015 winners!

Congratulations to the Cambridge A team (Lou Yuxiang, Paul Smith, Atta Chui and James Wood) for winning the seventh season of the online league. In second place were Edinburgh 1. Winning division 2 and promotion to division 1 were UK Youth.

The winning teams received prizes consisting of places in Guo Juan's Group Classes and subscriptions to the Internet Lectures and Training system. See the Internet Go School site for more details.

Winning teams to date

The following are the winning teams to date:

October 2009 to February 2010Cambridge
May to December 2010Dundee
All of 2011Central London Go Club A
All of 2012Edinburgh
All of 2013Edinburgh A
All of 2014Central London Go Club A
All of 2015Cambridge A

You can see the current league standings and historical records using the menu items to the left, together with historical records. In the majority of cases you can download and review the actual games.


For more information about the league, please go here.


The 2016 league is now recruiting new teams and players for the new season which we hope to get going in February 2016.

We can easily add extra players to teams, so please let us know if you would like to join in. We normally group players from the same locale into teams, but we are happy to accommodate other players as needed.


A full description of playing games is to be found under rules.


Prizes for 2016 and subsequent years awarded to the winning team in each division will be vouchers redeemable with Guo Juan's Internet Go School.