Div 1Div 2
Division 1
DateTeam ATeam BStatus
December 2017Billericay DickiesDurham Part played (0-2)
December 2017Chester AWarwick Not played
December 2017Edinburgh 1Cornish Rogues TBA
January 2018Billericay DickiesCornish Rogues Played (1-2)
January 2018Chester ACambridge A Part played (1-1)
January 2018DurhamEdinburgh 1 TBA
February 2018Cornish RoguesEdinburgh 1 TBA
February 2018DurhamBillericay Dickies Part played (2-0)
February 2018WarwickChester A Not played
March 2018Billericay DickiesEdinburgh 1 TBA
March 2018DurhamCornish Rogues Part played (1-0)
March 2018WarwickCambridge A TBA
April 2018Chester ABillericay Dickies Played (3-0)
April 2018Cornish RoguesCambridge A Part played (2-0)
April 2018DurhamWarwick TBA
May 2018Billericay DickiesCambridge A Part played (0-2)
May 2018Chester ACornish Rogues Part played (2-0)
May 2018WarwickEdinburgh 1 TBA
June 2018Cambridge ABillericay Dickies Played (0-3)
June 2018Cornish RoguesChester A Not played
June 2018Edinburgh 1Warwick TBA
July 2018Billericay DickiesChester A Played (0-3)
July 2018Cambridge ACornish Rogues Part played (1-1)
July 2018WarwickDurham TBA
August 2018Chester AEdinburgh 1 TBA
August 2018DurhamCambridge A Part played (1-0)
August 2018WarwickCornish Rogues TBA
September 2018Cambridge ADurham TBA
September 2018Cornish RoguesWarwick TBA
September 2018Edinburgh 1Chester A TBA
October 2018Cambridge AWarwick TBA
October 2018Cornish RoguesDurham TBA
October 2018Edinburgh 1Billericay Dickies TBA
November 2018Cambridge AChester A Part played (0-1)
November 2018Cornish RoguesBillericay Dickies Played (1-2)
November 2018Edinburgh 1Durham TBA
December 2018Cambridge AEdinburgh 1 TBA
December 2018DurhamChester A TBA
December 2018WarwickBillericay Dickies TBA
January 2019Billericay DickiesWarwick TBA
January 2019Chester ADurham TBA
January 2019Edinburgh 1Cambridge A TBA
Division 2
DateTeam ATeam BStatus
December 2017Chester BManchester Y Played (2-1)
December 2017Manchester XUK Youth Blue Played (2-1)
December 2017UK Youth RedTiger's Mouth Played (1-2)
January 2018Manchester XChester B Played (1-2)
January 2018Manchester YUK Youth Blue Played (2-1)
January 2018Tiger's MouthUK Youth Red Played (1-2)
February 2018Chester BTiger's Mouth Played (0-3)
February 2018Manchester YManchester X Played (3-0)
February 2018UK Youth BlueUK Youth Red Part played (0-2)
March 2018Manchester YChester B Played (1-2)
March 2018Tiger's MouthUK Youth Blue Part played (1-1)
March 2018UK Youth RedManchester X Part played (0-2)
April 2018Manchester XManchester Y Played (3-0)
April 2018Tiger's MouthChester B Played (2-1)
April 2018UK Youth RedUK Youth Blue TBA
May 2018Manchester XTiger's Mouth Played (3-0)
May 2018UK Youth BlueChester B Part played (0-2)
May 2018UK Youth RedManchester Y Part played (1-0)
June 2018Chester BUK Youth Red Played (0-3)
June 2018Manchester YTiger's Mouth Played (1-2)
June 2018UK Youth BlueManchester X TBA
July 2018Chester BManchester X Part played (0-1)
July 2018Manchester YUK Youth Red TBA
July 2018UK Youth BlueTiger's Mouth TBA
August 2018Chester BUK Youth Blue TBA
August 2018Manchester XUK Youth Red TBA
August 2018Tiger's MouthManchester Y Part played (0-2)
September 2018Tiger's MouthManchester X Played (1-2)
September 2018UK Youth BlueManchester Y TBA
September 2018UK Youth RedChester B TBA

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