Player Results

These are recorded games on the league for Josh Gorman, currently 4K, of Glasgow.

User id for the league: bigfoot.

Online name: bigfoot.

Notes for player

Email is that of father, Steve

Team Membership

Josh Gorman is in the following:


Overall record is Played: 5 Won: 1 Drawn: 0 Lost: 4.

Date Team Colour Opponent Team Outcome Detail
14/12/16 Glasgow Black Daniel Hu West London Lost W+R
13/01/17 Glasgow White Roger Huyshe Manchester Lost B+R
03/02/17 Glasgow White Simon Andre Tiger's Mouth Lost B+R
17/02/17 Glasgow Black Toby Manning Tiger's Mouth Lost W+R
18/02/17 Glasgow White Elom Willson UK Youth Won W+23.5

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