Results for completed matches

The following results are available. Bold indicates the winning team. Click on any entry to see the individual scores and in some cases game scores.

Date Team A Team B Score
Division 1
January 2018Billericay DickiesCornish Rogues 1-2
April 2018Chester ABillericay Dickies 3-0
June 2018Cambridge ABillericay Dickies 0-3
July 2018Billericay DickiesChester A 0-3
November 2018Cornish RoguesBillericay Dickies 1-2
Division 2
December 2017Chester BManchester Y 2-1
December 2017Manchester XUK Youth Blue 2-1
December 2017UK Youth RedTiger's Mouth 1-2
January 2018Manchester XChester B 1-2
January 2018Manchester YUK Youth Blue 2-1
January 2018Tiger's MouthUK Youth Red 1-2
February 2018Chester BTiger's Mouth 0-3
February 2018Manchester YManchester X 3-0
March 2018Manchester YChester B 1-2
April 2018Manchester XManchester Y 3-0
April 2018Tiger's MouthChester B 2-1
May 2018Manchester XTiger's Mouth 3-0
June 2018Chester BUK Youth Red 0-3
June 2018Manchester YTiger's Mouth 1-2
September 2018Tiger's MouthManchester X 1-2

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