Match Details

Match is between UK Youth (UK Youth Team) and West London (West London) in April 2017.

Team captains are Martin Harvey for UK Youth and Gerry Gavigan for West London.

Score to date is 1-1

Player and board assignments are as follows:

Daniel Hu 4D mathmo West London Elom Willson 6K KGS:Elom IGS:WindnWater UK Youth Not played
12/04/17 Paul Robinson 4K Diagonally West London Roella Smith 7K alleor UK Youth W+26.5
29/06/17 Hasan Nisar 8K hasan12 UK Youth Gerry Gavigan 10K gerryg West London W+6.5


Handicaps apply to 1 board in this match as follows:

18 stones handicap

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