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These are recorded games on the league for Martin Harvey, currently 5K, of Chester.

User id for the league: Trafford09.

Online name: Trafford09.

Notes for player

Also on Skype as Martin.Harvey.Go ; please note tel. no. changed in Sept'14.

Martin Harvey is not in any teams.

Current Season

No games played yet by Martin Harvey in current season

Overall record

Overall record is Played: 25 Won: 14 Drawn: 0 Lost: 11.

Date Team Colour Opponent Team Outcome Detail
18/10/09 Chester A Black Peter Fisher Tiger's Mouth Lost W+8.5
11/11/09 Chester A Black John Culmer Cornish Rogues Lost W+T
29/11/09 Chester A Black Mike Lynn King Edward VI Aston Lost W+22.5
04/02/10 Chester A White Jamie Coulthard Newcastle Won W+12.5
24/02/10 Chester A Black Eugene Wong Glasgow Lost W+4.5
03/06/10 Chester A Black Ben Ellis Tiger's Mouth Lost W+12.5
15/06/10 Chester A Black Ansar Malik Cambridge B Won B+R
16/06/10 Chester A Black Xinyi Lu CLGC B Lost W+R
19/07/10 Chester A White Dani Ward Cambridge Junior Won W+40.5
03/08/10 Chester A Black Peter Harold-Barry St Albans Kyus Won B+R
10/10/10 Chester A Black Boris Mitrovic Edinburgh 2 Lost W+12.5
04/03/11 Chester A White Will Grayson Edinburgh 3 Won W+R
06/04/11 Chester A White Ansar Malik Cambridge B Won W+R
03/05/11 Chester A White James Hadfield Durham Blue Won W+41.5
08/06/11 Chester A White Phil Smith St Albans Kyus Won W+22.5
21/05/12 Chester A White Phil Clark CLGC B Won W+R
28/06/12 Chester A Black Weed _ Billericay Dickies Lost W+R
29/11/12 Chester A Black John Culmer Cornish Rogues Lost W+R
12/12/12 Chester A Black John Culmer Cornish Rogues Won B+T
19/05/13 Chester A White Niall Paterson Glasgow Lost B+R
29/06/13 Chester A Black Eugene H C Wong Cornish Rogues Won B+N
03/07/13 Chester A White Peter Fisher Tiger's Mouth Won W+14.5
29/08/13 Chester A White Peter Fisher Tiger's Mouth Won W+26.5
09/09/13 Chester A White John O'Donnell Glasgow Lost B+R
14/12/13 Chester A Black Sara Mountford Birmingham A Won B+R

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