Player Results

These are recorded games on the league for Simon Andre, currently 6K, of Leicester.

User id for the league: renardeau.

Online name: renardeau.

Team Membership

Simon Andre is in the following:

Tiger's Mouth

Current Season

Record is Played: 5 Won: 1 Drawn: 1 Lost: 3.

Overall record

Overall record is Played: 13 Won: 5 Drawn: 2 Lost: 6.

Date Team Colour Opponent Team Outcome Detail
04/12/16 Tiger's Mouth White Michael Kyle Manchester Won W+N
03/02/17 Tiger's Mouth Black Josh Gorman Glasgow Won B+R
05/02/17 Tiger's Mouth White Roella Smith UK Youth Won W+R
24/02/17 Tiger's Mouth Black Elom Willson UK Youth Lost W+N
20/03/17 Tiger's Mouth Black Ron Bell Glasgow Lost W+N
29/04/17 Tiger's Mouth Black Zaki Betesh Lockhart Lost W+N
24/06/17 Tiger's Mouth White Michael Kyle Manchester Won W+R
05/09/17 Tiger's Mouth Black Paul Robinson West London Jigo Jigo
25/01/18 Tiger's Mouth Black Nathan Boswell Chester B Won B+N
15/03/18 Tiger's Mouth White Edmund Smith UK Youth Red Lost B+N
13/06/18 Tiger's Mouth Black Collin Ng Manchester Y Lost W+N
19/06/18 Tiger's Mouth Black Michael Kyle Manchester X Lost W+N
28/10/19 Tiger's Mouth Black Zaki Betesh UK Youth Blue Jigo Jigo

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