Player Results

These are recorded games on the league for Yanzhao Zhang, currently 1D, of Edinburgh.

User id for the league: Yanzhao Zhang.

Online name: yanzhao1.

Yanzhao Zhang is not in any teams.

Current Season

No games played yet by Yanzhao Zhang in current season

Overall record

Overall record is Played: 11 Won: 8 Drawn: 1 Lost: 2.

Date Team Colour Opponent Team Outcome Detail
04/06/10 Edinburgh White Mark Russell CLGC A Won W+R
29/06/10 Edinburgh Black Yohei Negi Dundee Lost W+H
05/10/10 Edinburgh White Tom Coulthard Newcastle Lost B+4.5
23/02/11 Edinburgh White Weed _ Billericay Dickies Won W+R
02/03/11 Edinburgh White John Richardson Cambridge Won W+R
02/07/11 Edinburgh Black Robby Goetschalckx Dundee Won B+R
17/12/11 Edinburgh Black Nick Krempel CLGC A Jigo Jigo
05/04/12 Edinburgh White Ian Davis Belfast Won W+1.5
24/06/12 Edinburgh Black Chuck Fisher CLGC A Won B+R
08/07/12 Edinburgh White Michael Webster CLGC A Won W+R
27/12/12 Edinburgh White Chris Bryant St Albans GC Won W+R

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