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These are recorded games on the league for Yohei Negi, currently 3D, of Dundee.

User id for the league: yohei.

Online name: yohei.

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Current Season

No games played yet by Yohei Negi in current season

Overall record

Overall record is Played: 14 Won: 9 Drawn: 3 Lost: 2.

Date Team Colour Opponent Team Outcome Detail
28/11/09 Dundee and St Andrews White Manja Marz Edinburgh Lost B+T
13/12/09 Dundee and St Andrews White Sandy Taylor Durham Team Awesome Won W+R
10/03/10 Dundee and St Andrews Black Sam Aitken Leamington Lost W+0.5
29/06/10 Dundee White Yanzhao Zhang Edinburgh Won W+H
05/09/10 Dundee White Alex Selby Cambridge Won W+22.5
06/10/10 Dundee White Tom Coulthard Newcastle Won W+R
02/12/10 Dundee Black Matthew Macfadyen Leamington Won B+N
15/12/10 Dundee Black Alex Kent Durham Team Awesome Jigo Jigo
15/12/10 Dundee Black Yangran Zhang CLGC A Won B+R
26/02/11 Dundee Black Andrew Simons Cambridge Won B+19.5
20/03/11 Dundee White Nick Krempel CLGC A Won W+R
20/08/11 Dundee White Manja Marz Edinburgh Won W+R
17/12/11 Dundee White Paul Tabor Billericay Dickies Jigo Jigo
17/12/11 Dundee Black Alex Kent Durham Team Awesome Jigo Jigo

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