This is the final matches list for Team League Season 3 February 2011 to July 2011, the start date for which was February 2011 and the end was July 2011.

Date Team A Team B Score
Division 1
February 2011Billericay Dickies CLGC A ½-2½
February 2011Dundee Cambridge 2-1
February 2011Durham Team Awesome Edinburgh 3-0
March 2011Billericay Dickies Durham Team Awesome 0-3
March 2011CLGC A Dundee 2-1
March 2011Edinburgh Cambridge 2-1
April 2011Billericay Dickies Edinburgh 0-3
April 2011CLGC A Cambridge 1-2
April 2011Durham Team Awesome Dundee 1½-1½
May 2011Billericay Dickies Dundee ½-2½
May 2011CLGC A Edinburgh 2½-½
May 2011Durham Team Awesome Cambridge 0-3
June 2011Billericay Dickies Cambridge 0-3
June 2011CLGC A Durham Team Awesome 3-0
June 2011Edinburgh Dundee 1-2
Division 2
February 2011CLGC B Cornish Rogues 2-1
February 2011Glasgow Belfast 0-3
February 2011St Albans GC Oxford 2-1
March 2011Belfast Oxford 2-1
March 2011CLGC B Glasgow 3-0
March 2011Cornish Rogues St Albans GC 1-2
April 2011CLGC B Belfast 1-2
April 2011Cornish Rogues Oxford 2½-½
April 2011Glasgow St Albans GC 0-3
May 2011CLGC B St Albans GC 1-2
May 2011Cornish Rogues Belfast 2-1
May 2011Glasgow Oxford 1½-1½
June 2011Belfast St Albans GC 1-2
June 2011CLGC B Oxford 1½-1½
June 2011Cornish Rogues Glasgow 2-1
Division 3
February 2011Cambridge B St Albans Kyus 1-2
February 2011Chester A Edinburgh 3 2-1
March 2011Cambridge B Chester A 0-3
March 2011St Albans Kyus Durham Blue 3-0
April 2011Cambridge B Edinburgh 3 1-2
April 2011Chester A Durham Blue 2-1
June 2011Cambridge B Durham Blue 2-1
June 2011St Albans Kyus Edinburgh 3 1-2
July 2011Edinburgh 3 Durham Blue 1½-1½
July 2011St Albans Kyus Chester A 1-2
Division 4
February 2011Cambridge Junior Tiger's Mouth 1-2
February 2011West Cornwall B South London 0-3
March 2011South London CLGC C 3-0
March 2011West Cornwall B Cambridge Junior 1-2
April 2011Cambridge Junior CLGC C 0-3
April 2011West Cornwall B Tiger's Mouth 0-3
June 2011South London Tiger's Mouth 3-0
June 2011West Cornwall B CLGC C 0-3
July 2011South London Cambridge Junior 2½-½
July 2011Tiger's Mouth CLGC C 1½-1½

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