Match Details

Match is between Cambridge A (Cambridge First Team) and Billericay Dickies (Billericay Dickies) in June 2018.

Team captains are Atta Chui for Cambridge A and Guy Footring for Billericay Dickies.

The final score was 0-3.

Player and board assignments were:

20/06/18 Weed _ 2K oniscoid Billericay Dickies Atta Chui 3K lightcat Cambridge A W+8.5
10/07/18 Vicky Au Yeung 3K Flameinice Cambridge A Guy Footring 5K guyF Billericay Dickies B+R
24/07/18 Ben Murphy 9K feather Billericay Dickies Huikai Chua 5K scotcheggs Cambridge A W+12.5

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